About me

I am a thinker, doer and dreamer, called Honey by one and Mom by three little miracles. I have a big appetite for life and am an entreprenuer at heart. I must create, every day, whether it's cooking a new recipe, developing a new strategy or dreaming up a new adventure. I am very competitive, live to never regret and my biggest passion in life is to help other women feel as confident and self-assured as I do every day (ok, most days). My mind is usually on hyperdrive, and I like it that way, but in moments of stillness I find that my biggest ah-has present themselves. 

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was an avid athlete as a child and an aspiring leader on the playground and in school; senior class President and a 10-letter varsity athlete. Meeting and learning about people, friends or strangers, gives me energy. I strive to be a good person, but have trouble forgiving. I have an incredible memory and forget few things. I don't believe in perfection and instead strive for continual progress and improvement. Fear is my friend and I welcome it. When we challenge ourselves we can transform our lives.