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Leadership Coach and Intuitive for CEOs & C-Level Leaders

Hello and welcome. 


I am a former marketing and business development executive at dot coms, a trained coach in leadership maturity and executive development, and a certified psychic intuitive.


My genius is supporting CEOs and C-level leaders of growing companies become more effective leaders and learn how to solve their complex people challenges. 

Executive teams rarely have a lack of talent, but instead a lack of alignment, boundaries, and expectations. I help fix that.


Clients experience life-long benefits: new tools, new perspectives, and gain satisfaction from bottom-line advances. You don't have to be in it alone; support in the top levels is necessary and wise.

If you feel interested to connect, I'd like to get to know you, too.

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- Lizzie



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1:1 CEO Coach + Consulting
30-Day Exec Team Insights Package
Training & Learning Program Design

A 6 or 12-month experience to uplevel leadership skills, awareness, and approaches to better deliver results and enhance the performance of the executive team.  This coaching program is unlimited in nature, including personalized assessments, and speciality coaching from Lizzie's team of experts.

  • 6 or 12 months of unlimited private coaching support to enhance leadership performance

  • Advising and coaching on talent needs, alignment, approaches

  • 3 custom assessments

  • Speciality coaching sessions sourced and matched

  • Organizational consulting

  • Shadow sessions for observation and targeted coaching

  • 1 in-person private retreat

This "quick-shot" insights package helps a CEO or Executive-level leaders understand their team deeply to better manage, motivate, and guide them to success. Included is intuitive reads on team alignment, underlying blocks, and critical path adjustments needed to win.

  • Science-backed assessment for each direct report

  • 10 page analysis of team dynamic (strengths & blind spots)

  • Assessing job fit for each direct report and who is at risk of turnover

  • A "quick look" on how to best manage each person on their team

  • Communication framework (meetings, artifacts, processes)

  • 30-days unlimited coaching 


Custom-designed learning and training programs to shore up skill gaps and expand leadership capabilities. Create a ripe learning environment for a consciously created culture. ​Additional services to gauge organizational health and alignment.

  • 6-week Leadership Course custom designed for your teams based on mgmt level

  • Insights gathering via organizational health survey and key stakeholder interviews

  • Program design, including content topics.

  • Vendor/practitioner selection and vetting

  • Design of program performance analysis and ROI feedback loop

Offsite Design + Facilitation

Unique and strategically aligned offsite design and facilitation to support team alignment, strategic direction, and team bonding and working style optimization. Each offsite is custom designed to support key foundational structures required for executive team performance. 

Virtual speaking reel can be viewed here.

Business Intuitive

Receive clarity on tough decisions to help guide your organization's efforts with intention and accuracy. As a trained intuitive and naturally gifted intuitive, Lizzie can read into business opportunities and challenges to support more accurate decision making and strategic planning. 

  • retainer for 2 hours per month; book in 10 minute increments

  • unlimited questions/topics

  • vertical ownership/ competitive protection


Lizzie is also the Founder & CEO of Collective Gain a professional development company offering private 1:1 coaching memberships starting at $750 a month and custom large-scale coaching and training programs for companies.  Visit Collective Gain to learn more and sign up.


"My coaching journey with Lizzie felt fortuitous from the start. Her heart-centered approach helped me reimagine an intentional, purposeful path - one shaped not by grind and struggle but defined by joy and ease. Through our conversations I was able to re-examine my motivators, challenge my barriers and achieve meaningful outcomes in the process. I've emerged from the experience with a higher self-awareness and an absolutely exploded sense of what is possible in both career and in life."

Chief Strategy Officer, Fortune 500 company

"At some point in time in your career you’ll get to the point where you need to decide what the hell it’s all about. If you’re lucky, like me, that’s a nightmare because you’re creative and run your own business and love what you do. Maybe you’ve even made a small difference in the world. But what next? More of the same? Or time to mix it up? I don’t know the answer to that question, but Lizzie cut through decades of creative expression to help me uncover exactly what I’m here to do, wherever I decide to do it next." 

CEO Creative + Production Agency

"We hired Lizzie when parts of our executive team was on a crash course of toxic behavior and clashing personalities. Not only did she provide executive intervention that was successful, she gave me new awareness as to my own leadership gaps as a CEO, tools to play with, and insight that helped me anticipate what otherwise was not on my radar." 

CEO, VC Funded CPG Startup

"I am a busy man, but I always find time for my sessions with Lizzie because they save me time and heartache on the other side. In our first 2 months of coaching Lizzie's intuitive skills saved me nearly $500k. I also appreciate that she is a networking maven always connecting me to potential candidates, consultants or specialists needed for our business. I find her coaching a true asset to my bottom line and leadership abilities."

CEO Media Company

"When I started working with Lizzie I was a high achieving leader at a large tech company, but I felt unfulfilled. Lizzie provided a judgment-free space to work through all the ideas in my head, find clarity, trust my flow state, and make a couple big life decisions that would allow me to move my life forward authentically. With her ninja listening skills, intuition, and no-nonsense approach, I recommend Lizzie to anyone who desires to truly be heard so they can make a plan to live life on their own terms."

Executive @ Apple 

“Lizzie facilitated a virtual three day team-building that did wonders for our team. It allowed us all to be both introspective as well as learn a great deal about our teammates and how they work (both what works well and what negatively affects others). Each of us came away with something (or multiple things) to think about to enhance our own work and personal lives. Every single person felt that this was a gift. I would highly recommend this to friends, other teams in my organization or any of our partner organizations. I am so grateful!”

Dean of Career Services, UCLA

"It felt like fate. My life was changed for the better; I cannot even begin to explain how impactful this was. Lizzie was able to see what I needed beyond what I knew and brought me the perfect mix of personalized coaching and outside experts to foster my development. When our coaching ended I didn’t realize the full impact until a year later, when I finally could see what she was helping me see. She was right, she knew me more than I knew myself and I am so grateful to know her, have experienced her coaching and now call her a friend."

CEO Award Winning Ad Agency

"Lizzie designed and facilitated an offsite for my executive team that accomplished in 2 days what we had been trying to accomplish in 2 months. I think that says all you need to know about her value as a coach and facilitator."

GM Big Box Retailer

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