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What it's like to change your life.

It’s like a dream. Half the time it feels real, like it’s actually happening, and half the time you’re in a fog watching things unfold before you. It’s the sudden urge that you need frozen yogurt, STAT, and yet you can’t find the light switch and are feeling around frantically for your keys in the dark. It’s the sensation of being lifted up, by a crowd of cheering and adoring fans, while they carry you around the room toward a stage. It’s all these feelings, every day.

In the beginning of my journey, my emotions ranged from I CAN and “this is it!”, to moments of questioning, fear and “have I lost my mind?”

Yet as I’ve learned to better articulate what I’m building and how I want to serve the world, my emotions have started to turn to I MUST with a deep sense of urgency and excitement.

When you connect with your soul’s calling, you feel unstoppable.

You start to understand that you have something you need to deliver, that it is your obligation as a visitor here on Earth to deliver. Everything, including all you’ve experienced leading up to this moment, begins to make sense.

And with this focused attention comes an overwhelming sense of trust – that if you follow the feeling, the feeling of knowing this is exactly where you’re meant to be at this exact moment, that you will “arrive.” Arrive at an experience that your soul needed to have. You will have the deep satisfaction that what you’re doing is exactly what you were meant to do. The experience doesn’t end once you arrive – the journey continues as your calling to service expands.

The journey to change your life can be lonely – others around you may not be supportive, may not believe, may feel challenged by your own personal growth. Changing your life is like entering into battle solo – to face your fears, your past, your bad habits – all in an effort to create something new that serves more than yourself.

I keep getting questions from friends like “How do you know what to do first?” and “How do you even get started”? The answer is, I don’t know what to do first. When something comes to mind that seems like a good idea … I just do it and see what happens. I also remind myself that I have created things, from scratch, for companies and clients, so I can most certainly do it for myself. Another favorite from my life coach?

“Success is transferable”. Believe that.

May I cherish this experience of bringing my soul’s calling to life. Facing fear and charging through it, learning how to motivate myself when the payoff isn’t 100% clear and being unattached to the result – trusting that the journey itself is enough, because I am enough.

And to experience this beautiful journey, in its full and raw form, is worth all the ups, downs and in-betweens.

Thank you for reading and following along. I have some exciting news to share on the new business I will be launching soon. Stay tuned!

(and so can you)

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