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What i believe


I believe that we're all connected through the same life force and that we're more similar than different. I believe we all need to ask each other more often "How can I help you?" and that we're often too fearful of being judged to develop a meaningful connection. I believe there is much good to be had in being vulnerable with ourselves and others. I believe we all need to take risks and that some of the best things in life come from doing things we're afraid to do.  I believe that everyone desires to live their true authentic life, to be heard and seen for who they really are. I believe in the value of adventure, travel and that the world needs each of us to pursue our divine given talents in order for us to live in harmony with one another. I believe in the power of positivity and that to truly thrive one must remove negativity from one's life. I believe in meditation, sabbaticals, long walks, silence and most importantly in the power of unconditional love for one's self and the complete unbiased acceptance of others


I believe every company has a soul and a living energy that can be felt in the halls, through screens and boardroom doors. I believe cultivating this energy into positive infectious energy is paramount to developing true customer loyalty. I believe the only way to manage a brand is through authentic and open communication with customers and partners. I believe in creating a culture of we by managing toward a team goal. I believe every business is an ecosystem, no one piece/person can be successful without the other. I believe that speed of development and true innovation comes from having real empathy for customers and partners. I believe the best teams are built from taking risk, together, through innovation and challenging the norm.  I believe explosive growth comes from delivering customer delight in every interaction. I believe having a revenue focus drives innovation.  I believe in hiring good people who have humility and a competitive edge. 

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